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Diona Devincenzi is a songwriter, artist, and producer with studios in Nashville, Tennessee and San Diego, California. A California native, Devincenzi spent her early years soaking up the rich and diverse music and culture of the San Francisco Bay area, absorbing everything from jazz and soul to country and rock n’ roll. 

Eager to pursue her own career in music, Devincenzi eventually moved to Music City, where she learned the ropes of the music industry and honed her own songwriting craft. Pulling from the veritable musical smorgasbord she spent so many hours enjoying in her youth, Devincenzi has written songs that run the gamut of genres, from country and indie pop to blues rock and retro soul. She has also built a successful career writing and producing music for film, TV, and multimedia, with a long list of placements to her credit that includes “Seal Team,” “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists,” “Life Sentence,” “Lethal Weapon,” and more.

"It feels like I’m finally in my zone, helping other composers and creatives in the film, TV, and advertising worlds achieve their artistic visions and meet their goals through music,” says Devincenzi. “And the projects change from day to day, so it really keeps me on my toes and allows me to stay in that creative space all the time.”

Demanding as the fast-paced world of sync music can be, Devincenzi emphasizes the importance of carving out time and space to feed her own creative expression. Two of her passion projects are Brit Frisco, a retro-soul collaboration with U.K.-based artist and producer Paul Cufflin, and FELICE, Devincenzi’s forthcoming solo project that blends organic soul and blues-influenced music with an empowered female voice for modern times.

“I’m more invigorated than I’ve ever been about the possibilities of making and sharing my music with the world,” she notes. “I’ve spent many years trying to bring other characters’ voices to life through music, but with FELICE, I finally get to share my own voice with the world.”

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