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FELICE is the forthcoming solo project by artist, producer, and songwriter Diona Devincenzi. It’s her middle name, her mother’s family name, and the translation means “happy” in Italian. It also envisions something she cares deeply about: female empowerment. 

FELICE is a Nu-modern combination of dark, bluesy arrangements with soulful, driving melodies and roots undertones. Female insights resonate at the heart of Devincenzi’s lyrics, and early listeners have described FELICE’s sound as “dark, bluesy, haunting, and compelling, with a deep complexity and emotionality in Devincenzi’s voice.” 

Having spent the last several years writing for the medium of film and television and garnering a long list of placements in that format, Devincenzi felt the need for deeper and more personal expression. 

“I felt something strong within me to dive deeper with my music and fully explore my emotions and thoughts as a woman, songwriter, producer and now veteran in the music business,” she explains. “There has always been a part of me, no matter what other projects I’m writing for, that comes from the heart of an artist. FELICE was born out of the endless desire to connect again, as an artist, without any filter or boundary.” 

Devincenzi cut her teeth as a professional musician in Nashville in the late 90’s, learning the craft like only Music City can teach and maneuvering the ropes of the music industry. She started out writing songs for the country music market, but soon felt a shift in her focus and the type of music she gravitated towards. 

“I love the country music community, but something never felt quite right when I was writing country music,” she shares. “I was born and raised in a big city. My experiences were big city experiences and rooted in city life, so I’ve always felt myself wanting to blend all of my influences in my music, whether it be soul, R&B, rock, pop, or country.” 

Now, with FELICE, Devincenzi has followed those musical intuitions and created a sound that is wholly her own, exploring a wide array of subjects from her perspective as a female in an ever-changing landscape.

“With FELICE, it gets personal,” she says. “I’m really excited by what’s in front and ahead of me, but I’m more invigorated than I’ve ever been before about the possibilities of making and sharing my music with the world. Writing for film and television, I spent many years trying to bring other characters’ voices to life through music, but with FELICE, I finally get to share my own voice with the world." 

Raw, vulnerable, and real, FELICE is a timely musical exploration of what it means to be a woman - in love, in heartache, in joy, in sorrow, and even in the face of social injustices - told through the voice of one woman that amplifies so many others. 

“You’d have to be a rock in these times not to feel something,” Devincenzi concludes. “And I’m not asking for permission anymore or trying to fit into anyone else’s mold to express my point of view.”