FELICE is in the works! 

FELICE is not only my middle name , my Mom’s family name and the Italian word for ‘happy”,  but now the name of my new solo project . It’s a combo of all my influences baked into a music casserole; soul and R&B influenced rock. 

What might set this project apart from others in this genre is an intentionally female point of view lyrically. 

I’m an “experiential” type writer and this work is a reflection and expression  of how I’ve been processing the whole #MeToo movement ,  as a female who has worked in a male dominated music industry and been living in the world for awhile. 

I’m going "old school "for this, which means that the rhythm section (drums, bass & guitar) will be tracked  live - playing and recording together in the same room , at the same time and running through an analog board. 

This is a very specific way of recording. 

 In order to pull it off you have to have the arrangements all fleshed out, and the instruments parts and tones decided before you hit record, so that everything can be played together in a few “takes” instead of the more modern approach which is to record each instrument in isolation of the others. What I love about this approach to recording is that you are forced to make decisions. You can’t change a guitar tone for instance because you’re getting the bleed from all the instruments playing along with you and you really can’t separate that out after the fact. 

Sometimes limitations can be freeing. 

Although the recording techniques will be “retro” , the mixes, however, will be modern. 

Sooooo, it should be interesting. 

More coming soon!