More Brit Frisco music coming April 1

Paul and I have been hard at work in the studio creating some new tunes for our retro soul project, Brit Frisco, and we are so excited to be releasing another new single next Monday, April 1! For those of you who might not know, Brit Frisco was born a few years ago after I met British-born songwriter, producer, and musician Paul Robert Cufflin at a music conference in L.A. and we discovered our mutual love for all things soul. We began collaborating on a few songs...and then a few songs turned into a few EP's...and now, here we are getting ready to release the second of two new singles for 2019!

Paul and I describe Brit Frisco's sound as "retro soul," which to me means dipping into the history, artistry, and songwriting of the past and melding that with today’s sonic tools to create something contemporary and fresh. "Soul" is a deep and complex concept, but musically speaking, I hear it most in someone who is “sitting behind the beat," feeling a groove, and howling something they feel from their innermost recesses.

Or, as Paul puts it, retro soul is "raw, earthy, organic, and heartfelt soul and R&B music...just like Mama used to make!"

Keep an eye out for more news on our forthcoming single, coming your way April 1.

Diona Devincenzi